For Indaver, the safety of its employees, but also of anyone directly or indirectly involved in its operations, is an absolute priority. We strive for a group-wide safety culture with a view to continual improvement. For this we use a structured, proactive approach based on thorough knowledge of the waste we treat, safe plants, approved management systems and motivated, well-trained employees.

Safety Index

When it comes to safety, Indaver leaves nothing to chance, whether it concerns employees, visitors, suppliers, contractors or local residents. In 2013, Indaver again posted a safety score that was significantly better than the average for companies in the waste sector. The number of serious accidents continued to decline in 2012, while there was a status quo in the number of employees. 

The Indaver Group's safety index for its own employees, which tracks accidents that do not result in time off work and near misses, shows a relevant decrease from 7.1 in 2012 to 5.7 in 2013. In 2013, Indaver implemented organisational measures to enhance safety. A Group Safety Manager has the task of coordinating and exchanging safety expertise, both in the group and with the sector and external players.

There was an increase in the number of incidents with lost work time at Indaver sites in 2012, though these mostly involved more minor injuries. Employees are quicker to report accidents, even less serious ones. This gives Indaver more of an insight into unsafe situations and a better chance of preventing them.

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