Indaver in UK: leading the field in sustainable waste management

Indaver UK is part of the Indaver Group  and together with Ireland forms one region. Celebrating 10 years in business in UK, Indaver is an established European waste management company, with a proven track record. 

Our trademark is delivering high quality, cost effective services in the industrial and specialist hazardous waste market across UK. For large industrial companies, we offer a Total Waste Management approach to include all your waste streams. We are a one-stop-shop partner for the pharmachem industry delivering Best-Available  Techniques, powerful data management systems for full overview and traceability and experienced, highly educated people  working in a dedicated project team on your TWM-project.

High-quality consultancy services

The Indaver Group leads the field in waste management for industry and authorities. The company is an integrated service provider for industries with its tailored Total Waste Management model, a sustainable total solution for (large) industries. 

We offer a safe, affordable and sustainable solution for waste. This is based on our extensive expertise in the area of technology, marketing and regulations, our focus on the environment and on recovering energy and materials. 

In UK we can offer you the best available technologies because of our independent position on the island. We have a wide portfolio of reliable third parties to offer the possible solutions. In addition to treatment options at third party facilities our services include full support for our customers in the form of advice about treatment. Thanks to our installations across the mainland we share best practices within the  group and with our customers. All waste related administration and reports is easily accessed via a powerful customer e-platform. All this guarantees transparency and traceability. In everything we do, we constantly look for innovative ways to improve our provision of services.

Pace-setter in a circular economy

Indaver is committed to transitioning from a linear economy to a circular economy. A linear economy is one in which raw materials are used on a once-off basis, then discarded. A circular economy is one in which as much material and energy as possible is recovered from waste in an energy-efficient manner, with the lowest possible CO2 emission and with the highest quality requirements. For us, waste is merely one phase in the lifecycle of a substance. What others view as 'waste', we see as a rich source of new raw materials and renewable energy. In the modern world, a circular economy is absolutely essential in order to protect resources and reduce the production of harmful waste. To that end, Indaver is constantly researching innovative ways of extracting more energy and materials from waste. 

Value-driven corporate culture

Indaver is a value-driven enterprise. We carry out our operations in a socially responsible manner and minimise their impact on humans and the environment. Five core values propel our activities and are the guidelines for the work carried out by all of our employees:

  • demonstrating concern for people, safety and the environment;
  • ensuring transparency in communication and actions;
  • continuously improving;
  • concentrating on achieving results;
  • building relationships based on mutual trust.

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